Press articles in English

Gov. Koike wants to make Tokyo great again
Nikkei Asian Review, July 2017

Time to consider the border as an asset and act on it
Smadja & Smadja, August 2016

Middle class′ appetite for spending ‘still growing’
The Straits Times, July 2016

Roundtable debates prospects for Abenomics
Nikkei Asian Review, June 2014

Looking at China with new eyes
China Daily, July 2012

Roundtable Japan mulls revitalization
Nikkei Weekly, June 2012

Roundtable Japan mulls revitalization
Nikkei Weekly, June 2012

Mexico on Top
Foreign Policy, Oct. 2011

3/11 can lead to better direction
Nikkei Weekly, Sept. 2011

Jusoor & Smadja holds Global Strategy Conference:
Progressive reforms needed in the Arab world: Experts
Kuwait Times, February 14, 2011

GSG Middle East opens two-dqy annual meet:
Confab to put special focus on region's governance "failures"
Arab Times, February 14, 2011

Highlights-comments by Executives at Gobal Automotive Forum, Chengdu, China
Reuters, 17 September 2010

Future China Global Forum. "How China can allay fears of its rise"
The Business Times, July 2010

Future China Global Forum. "Stanchart to take broad strides in China"
The Business Times, July 2010

Future China Global Forum. "China's huge reserves 'a big mistake': Economist"
The Business Times, July 2010

Future China Global Forum. "MM Lee: Invest in China with confidence, guanxi"
The Business Times, July 2010

Future China Global Forum. "How foreign firms can succeed in China"
The Business Times, July 2010

Roundtable Japan decries lack of political will
Nikkei Weekly, June 2010

Time running out for Iran on nuclear issues
Kuwait Times, February 2010

Globalization Revolution
Newsweek, January 2010

Arab Global Forum: Business Meets Business
AlArab Online, December 2009

Mapping Out The Arab Landscape:
The Arab Global Forum Identifies Key Areas For Private Sector Initiatives
PR Newswire, December 2009

Roundtable Japan - Forum hears state intervention fears
Nikkei Weekly, June 2009

INFOSYS - Beware the founder syndrome
Forbes India, June 2009

Japan's economic future depends on Tokyo becoming talent magnet
Nikkei Weekly , August 2008

Creating a culture of innovation
Fortune, July 2007

Private sector must grab reform baton
Nikkei Weekly, July 2007

US withdrawal from Iraq disastrous: Ex-top brass
Kuwait Times, May 2007

Not yet a civil war ... Iraq is still an "open crisis"
The Daily Star, May 2007

"Globalization" is making the world larger
Arab Times, December 2006

Press articles in Chinese

Asia Energy Forum 2009
Guangzhou Daily, August 2009

Second annual meeting Asia Innovation Initiative
China Entrepreneur Magazine, August 2008

Role of China and Asia in financial crisis
Market Magazine, September 2008

Global financial crisis
Market Magazine, May 2008

Press articles in French

Observer la mondialisation
L'Hebdo, May 2007

Enjeux économiques, enjeux stragégiques
Point de Mire, May 2006

Press articles in Japanese

Roundtable Japan 2011
Nikkei, Sept.2011

Roundtable Japan 2010
Nikkei, June 2010

Roundtable Japan 2009
Nikkei, June 2009

Roundtable Japan 2008
Nikkei, June 2008

Roundtable Japan 2007
Nikkei, June 2007

Roundtable Japan 2006
Nikkei, May 2006

Roundtable Japan 2005
Nikkei, June 2005

Press articles in Spanish

Mexico Business Summit 2014 - "Querétaro sera sede de la Cumbre de Negocios
Diaro de Queretaro, Jan. 2014

Mexico Business Summit 2013 - "El tigre azteca sigue vivo"
Expansion, Oct/Nov. 2013

Mexico Business Summit 2011 - "México debe buscar estabilidad financeria"
Rumbo de México, October 2011

Mexico Business Summit 2011 - "Al que cumple le va bien:FCH"
a.m. de Querétaro, October 2011

Mexico Business Summit 2011 - "Queretaro es un Estado amigo"
October 2011

Mexico Business Summit 2011 - "Pide Lula Da Silva integracion continental"
El Corregidor, October 2011

El nuevo rol de México
Expansion, September 2009

Entravista: Amigo de poderosos
Expansion, September 2004


InterACC1Ó Meeting, Barcelona, October 2009

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L'estratègia Obama o l'emergència asiàtica: cap a un nou model econòmic? Video
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