The Growth Net

The Growth Net has been created to reflect the new reality of the global economy

It is the only event of its kind, with its emphasis not only on the new MNCs but also on the MNCs in the making, with its agenda focused on the common opportunities and challenges, the common ambitions and expectations of the new constellation of growth countries; it is also unique in terms of the business to business interaction it creates.

While existing international business conferences remain centered on the traditional players of the global economy and address issues related to this new constellation of growth as a “side show”, the Growth Net is here to meet a growing need and to fulfill an increasingly relevant and necessary role as linkages among the countries of this group keep expanding.

The Inaugural Edition of The Growth Net was held in New Delhi, India on March 10 to 12, 2012.


New Delhi
20-21 March 2017

Roundtable Japan (RTJ)

Created in 2005 in partnership with Forma Corporation, Roundtable Japan is an annual meeting of a unique nature in Japan.

The Roundtable Japan is a brainstorming platform on the key issues and challenges shaping the future of Japan and brings together Japan's policymaking business and academic elites. It has a cap sized attendance of 180 delegates to ensure that the goals of genuine, outcome-oriented interaction can be met.

Participants comprises top business leaders, opinion-makers, and relevant academic experts from Japan. A significant number of business executives from US, European, Chinese, and Asian corporations involved in Japan will also be participating.

The Roundtable Japan is positioned as a high-profile event, meant to bring together among the most innovative thinkers and leaders, the greatest amount of positive energy, in order to provide a substantial contribution to the on-going discussion on the future of Japan.

20-21 July 2017

FutureChina Global Forum

The FutureChina Global Forum has been initiated by Business China, a not-for-profit Singapore-based organisation. Produced by Smadja & Smadja, the Forum provides a truly innovative approach for a deeper understanding of how China is evolving and of the trends, forces and factors shaping China's orientations as an economy, as a society and as the new superpower in the making.

The Forum takes place in Singapore, which is fast emerging as a go-to city for Global-China business connections. It takes a holistic approach to understanding the fast changing Chinese reality - thus fulfilling an ever growing and more acute need for an integrated picture of what to expect from China as a business partner, as an economic power and as a new geopolitical giant.

It features many of the most authoritative voices and experts, including from business, academia, government and the people sectors. Drawn from China as well as from the rest of the world, our discussion leaders will share insights, experiences and analyses in a highly interactive context that will give participants access to deeper, more granular, "insider" knowledge on China. These strategic perspectives will help participants navigate China more successfully.

13-14 July 2017


Agora is a two-day annual get-together to help broaden the horizon and stimulate lateral thinking for the new generation of entrepreneurs or who are taking over the family business and are expanding it, leveraging the opportunities opened by globalization and the technology revolutions.

Agora is about thinking together and sharing experiences and perspectives on the new trends reshaping the economic, business technology and geopolitical scene and assessing their impact on business, personal lives and on the way we relate to the world. It is also about creating new, enriching, relationships and generating new business opportunities.

In ancient Greek city-states, the agora was a central gathering place where citizens would meet to discuss all the issues affecting the life and the future of the city and to attend spiritual and athletic events.

Ungasan, Bali
14-16 September 2017

China Global Enterprises Forum

The China Global Enterprises Forum is the Premier event positioned to focus on the strategic implications of China's new economic context and priorities for Chinese as well as for foreign companies operating in China. The Forum is designed to assess the impact of China’s new normal for corporate strategies, and what the orientations set in the 13th Five-Year Plan - to shift to a new growth model - imply for Chinese companies as well as for foreign companies operating in China. The agenda of the Forum has been set to help better identify the new factors and new priorities to be taken into account the new opportunities already emerging and the role that foreign companies can play in the new economic context.

The Forum brings together Chinese senior executives and their interlocutors and partners from foreign companies, along with public personalities and top-level experts in an outcome-oriented interaction. It provides a privileged opportunity for business networking and the development of new business relationships. The 2016 edition of the Forum will comprise around 300 participants, by-invitation only and is officially supported by the Municipality of Ningbo

For inquiries or registration please email us at

23-24 September 2016

Mexico Business Summit

Created by Smadja & Smadja (successor of Smadja & Associates) in 2003 for Miguel Alemán Velasco, former Governor of the State of Veracruz in Mexico, now the premier business event in Mexico.

In its last editions, the Mexico Business Summit has so-far attracted some 800 participants per year. It has become the premier, must-attend event on the Mexico business scene, for its networking opportunities and for the high level and innovativeness of its programming. Speakers in the Mexico Business Summit always include top political leaders from Mexico, leading members of Mexico's corporate, political, and media elites. What marks apart the Summit, however, is its ability to attract international speakers of the highest calibre.

The Mexico Business Summit is produced by Smadja & Smadja.

San Luis Potosi
22-24 October 2017

China Outbound Forum

Created at a very timely moment when the drive for overseas expansion of Chinese companies is entering a new phase, The China Outbound Forum differentiates itself from existing conferences which are more focused on promoting overseas investment locations. It is designed to support Chinese companies as they consider expanding their activities internationally – while attracting also mainland companies now well established at the global level. The Forum is a platform bringing together Chinese senior executives and their interlocutors from foreign companies as well as from other sources of expertise and knowledge, with an agenda designed to cover the key issues and challenges that Chinese outbound companies need to identify and address successfully as they move abroad.


Sanya, China
2-3 December 2016

World Manufacturing Convention

Preliminary Program available to download.


Hangzhou, China
10-12 January 2018


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