The Second Gathering
The Boulders, Scottsdale, Arizona

Agora is an annual privileged moment… a private, extended weekend at which a select group of world citizens will consider the implications of globalization, for both their professional and personal lives. It is an opportunity to share ideas, to benefit from the insights of others, to make new connections, and to participate in a profoundly stimulating yet relaxing gathering of unique and accomplished individuals, drawn together from around the globe.

Why Agora?

Our world is shifting. Globalization continues to compress both business and personal time horizons. New mechanisms of value creation are reshaping the business landscape worldwide.

These trends have enormous implications, especially for visionary private entrepreneurs and leaders of major family enterprises. Unencumbered by the vagaries of public ownership, such leaders are uniquely positioned to reflect deeply on the long-term objectives of their businesses, their lives and their world.

Agora is a forum-and an experience-for such reflection, where participants will join with a unique group of their peers to address the opportunities, challenges and risks of contemporary life and business. In doing so, Agora will draw its participants toward deeper understanding of success and new ways to make a difference in how the world evolves.

Agora's constituency

Agora brings together two unique-yet in many ways similar-groups of business leaders:

  • The new generation of leadership now assuming control of some of the world's most important family businesses in Asia, the US, Latin America, the Middle East and Europe.
  • The new generation of international entrepreneurs now riding the wave of globalization and technological innovation.

Participants will be guided throughout the program by highly engaging thinkers whose work has helped to illuminate the most important developments in contemporary life...


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